JHUAN Scholarship Program

The cost of college education is steadily rising while the resources available to Jamaican international students pursuing higher education and their families are declining. JHUAN is combatting this challenge through the creation of a scholarship program established to provide additional opportunities for students from Jamaica and of Jamaican heritage to gain financial aid.

The scholarship offers financial support and mentorship to full time students in any major at Howard University. Each year, students are invited to apply for scholarships to offset the cost of their demonstrated financial need.

Who Can Apply

JHUAN Scholarship Eligibility

Students of all majors are encouraged to apply each year for one of the USD$5,000 scholarships available. To be eligible, applicants must have a current GPA of 3.0 and meet the following criteria:

• An international student born in Jamaica or a student having at least one parent who was born in Jamaica.

• Enrolled full-time and in good standing as a full-time sophomore, junior, senior or graduate school student at Howard University.

• Applications will be accepted beginning September 15, 2019.

2019/2020 New Students

Application Form

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the student applicants for the Jamaican Howard University Affinity Network 2019/2020 scholarship program. We strongly believe that your skills and talents are worth investing in so we take great pride in reviewing each of your applications.

International Students

Resources for
Student Admissions

Howard University welcomes applications from talented international students as freshmen; that is, students who have never been admitted to a degree program at Howard University or any other post-secondary institution of higher education. International students are advised to begin the admission process at least one year prior to the time they wish to enter the University because additional time is usually essential for submission of required tests, academic documents, evaluations and immigration-related matters. For more information, click here


Giving back is a part of who we are and the sheer purpose of JHUAN. If you are a graduate of Howard University or just an affiliate who believes in JHUAN’s mission, you are welcome to donate.  


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