Past Scholarship Awardees

Marc-Maurice Frankson

Scholarship Committee Chair Message

Eight (8) Jamaican students attending Howard University were awarded scholarships at this year's (2019-2020) annual scholarship award ceremony. In its first year, we provided a total of US$25,000 and created five scholarships valued at US$5,000 each as well. The scholarships were funded by the generous support of donors.

In just two short years, the collective efforts of the Jamaica Howard University Affinity Network (JHUAN), Jamaican Embassy and our donors have allowed us to provide US$110,254 in scholarships to students in need at Howard University.

It is of great importance to us to play a role in assisting students when the university does not have the resources to extend scholarships to international students. Our awardees not only benefit financially but also benefit from the JHUAN's mentorship program. Everyone is assigned a mentor and will have an opportunity to learn through one on one sessions, networking events and workshops aimed at equipping the students with life skills necessary to successfully navigate the corporate world.

Past Awardees Testimonials

I am a second-year medical student at the Howard University College of Medicine. Being an international student pursuing a professional degree has been extremely challenging but with the help of the JHUAN Scholarship it has made the process a lot easier. I maintained a job in order to be able to make ends meet monthly but with the assistance of this amazing organization, I was able to take a step back and focus solely on my education. This has without a doubt been a life-changing opportunity.

Narica Clarke

Narica Clarke

I am truly grateful to the entire JHUAN family for selecting me as one of this year’s scholarship recipient. The funds have gone a far way in helping to offset mounting financial obligations at school. As a result, I was able to re-shift my focus to my studies and graduate from dental school with honors.

Danielle Miller

Danielle Miller

I am a junior Biology major, Chemistry and Health Education double minor from Montego Bay, Jamaica – currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree at Howard University. I am eternally grateful to JHUAN for awarding me this scholarship. As a student, I am forever appreciative for any form of generosity or contribution in support of my continuing education. Once again, thank you for this gift which brings me one step closer to achieving my goals!

Courtni Foster

Courtni Foster


Giving back is a part of who we are and the sheer purpose of JHUAN. If you are a graduate of Howard University or just an affiliate who believes in JHUAN’s mission, you are welcome to donate.  


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